• Against a backdrop of health care excess - unnecessary care and exorbitant cost that makes Americans pay double what citizens in other advanced countries do - a few, mission-driven health care companies are delivering consistently better health outcomes at significantly lower cost.
  • Health plans have generally avoided working with these new companies, because they disrupt their conventional network care/cost patterns and reduce the revenues associated with overtreatment.
  • Health Value Direct (HVD) has identified, systematically evaluated and contracted with high performing and high impact - i.e., those that obtain consistently superior results in health care niches that constitute a sizable percentage of cost - and makes them available to employers, unions and governmental agencies, often in collaboration with strong, progressive regional brokers.
  • This approach will improve patient outcomes and save purchasers money at the expense of excessive care and cost. Aside from using the market to advantage, it represents the most practical path to meaningful health care reform.

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The table and chart below show realistic, documented savings within each intervention offered by Health Value Direct. While the dynamics of every group are different, consistent improvements in health outcomes and/or reductions in cost within high impact health care niches are not only possible but very achievable with the right vendors.